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IRS-Solutions offers relief from all your tax problems. If you've received a certified mail from the IRS or facing a wage garnishment, bank levy, unfiled tax returns, or any other IRS or state tax issues, IRS-Solutions can work with you to relieve you from the tax problem.

IRS-Solutions will work with you to assess your tax debt including the total amount you owe, for the unfiled years. We will also represent your case before the IRS and negotiate for reducing large penalties and interest fees that have accrued over the

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If the 3 years time limit expires, the IRS can't begin proceeding in court without assessment for the collection of any tax.

Statutes of Limitation

By legal definition, a Statute of Limitation means: The Time of Commencing Action.

Dealing with the IRS can be intimidating and without expertise they can take everything you own. Let our Tax Attorneys Help!

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